Monday, July 5, 2010

Team Machado Utah - Brandon Ruiz YouTube

Check out Brandon's YouTube Channel if you haven't already! He goes over various grappling and wrestling technique. These are techniques that Brandon has proven at the highest levels of competition. Go to the link below and take a look!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Half Guard / X Guard Seminar May 22nd

Ricardo "Ica" Medina will be hosting a seminar on Half Guard / X Guard

Where: U.C.T.C
When: Saturday May 22nd 10:30 - 1:00 Pm
Cost: $30.00

Friday, April 9, 2010

Update from the IBJJF Pan Ams in California

One of the largest and most prestigious tournaments in the world is the International
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu federation's Pan American championships. No true BJJ Champions resume is complete without winning this event. TMU had 4 competitors this year. Below are the results of our outting.

Daniel Mower - Won 1st Match by Triangle submission. Second Match was hard fought, but lost on points never being in jeapordy of being submitted. Congrats to Daniel for his first major tournament. He still has the distinction of never being submitted in a federation event.

Jerry Messnier - Jerry had a war in his first match and managed to not have a single point scored on him; he however lost by advantage and sustained some minor injuries.

Jason Jiminez - lost match due to armbar submission after 4 minutes and attempting an armbar on his opponent. Congrats to Jason for his first trip to the pans!

Mike Stidham - Mike Drew the tough side of the blue belt heavyweight bracket and had some of the field with Judo black belts and college wrestling experience also. Mike won his first match by americana key lock. Second match was an all out war with mike winning on points and being utterly exausted. Mike lost 3rd match by points largely due to fatigue. Mike took the silver in the division. They then called for the open division with 32 competitors in the field. Mike was very exausted and had both feet ripped up.. He decided to enter the open division and had his first match with a 4 stripe ultra heavyweight competitor from Saulo Ribeiro's camp. This was and all out war with a larger and very srong opponent who was technically versed and constantly attacking from deep half guard with sweep attempts. Mike won this match by decision. Next match was mike against a very tough competitor with a 6 pack that could have put him in the movie cast of the movie 300! This competitor was a highly skilled BJJ practitioner but also a college wrestler. Mike had a good strategy and matched his wrestling forcing his opponent to back off and retreat off the mat. Eventually the opponent was penalized multiple times and disqualified for fleeing the match and stalling. Mike imposed his will and came through for the gold. there was a point where the gold looked secured then mike was called out for a last match with nothing left in the gas tank. Very impessive outting by Stidham, taking home 1 Silver and 1 Gold. After winning the open division Mike was promoted to Purple belt by Rigan Machado Black Belt Ricardo Medina. Congrats to Mike !!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ruiz wins Throwdown Tournament; TMU Kids Place

Congrats to Brandon Ruiz for competing and bringing home the championship at the throdown tournament. Brandon won the absolute GI division defeating Noah Jenkins after a tough match.
Results were as follows for TMU competitors
Gi Division
Heavy Weight: 200+ lbs
1st: Brandon Ruiz (Team Machado Utah) 4 points -
. Brandon is a lead instructor for Team Machado Utah

Gi Division 2-3 (age 8)
1st: Elijah Kratzer (Team Machado Utah) 2 points
3rd: Nate Kunze (Team Machado Utah) 1 point

Gi Division 6+
2nd: Ryan Kunze (Team Machado Utah) 1point
3rd: Braydon Darger (Team Machado Utah) 1point -
No Gi
Heavy Weight: 200+ lbs
2nd: Wade Alexander (Team Machado Utah) 1point

Monday, March 15, 2010

TMU Kids win big; Ruiz Wins at Pancrase Worlds

Hey guys,

Our kids took 5 competitors to the Westside Jiu-Jitsu tournament and 5 of them won gold medals!! Congrats.

Special congrats also to Ryan Kunze for his domination at the Kids Pan American championships for winning a Gold Medal. Nate Kunze also had an impressive performance.

TMU Black Belt Brandon Ruiz wins his division at the 2010 Pancrase World championships !